Wire Run Calculator

Sometimes you need to make an 800ft wire run of 18 gauge wire, run a 20 watt camera.  This calculator will show you if it will work and if not, what you can do to make it work by increasing your voltage on the line can dramatically reduce the line losses.  When the voltage is stepped up, the current goes down reducing losses.

We make step up and step down voltage converters for both AC and DC.  You can run up to 63v on cat 5 wire.  Note that the power required will be the total of the power lost on the wire run and the power supply losses for each conversion of voltage.

ESD cannot be responsible for any mistakes this calculator could make.

How to use the Calculator:

  1. Enter in the power requirement of the end device in Watts.  The watts required will be more due to losses on the line and power conversions.
  2. Enter the Voltage you will run on the Line.
  3. Enter the number of pairs in parallel you have available. Normally 1.
  4. Enter the Wire Run Length in Feet.
  5. Enter your Wire gauge Size in awg.  Can be any gauge from 1 to 40..
  6. C8 will display the ohms per foot just FYI.
  7. C9 will display the total ohms of the wire run FYI
  8. C10 will display the current on the line FYI
  9. C11 will display the percentage of total power lost on the wire run.  The loss should not exceed 10%.  If over 10% increase Line Voltage, increase wire size, or reduce load.