10A/5A Switching Power Supplies with Charger

12/24 VDC Selectable Output

The SPS-5 and SPS-10 are part of our SPS-510 Series Linear performance power supplies. They are clean, efficient, heavy duty, low frequency off line switching power supplies with battery charger and power supervision. Even though the wattage is the same for both the SPS-5 5A at 24 VDC and the SPS-10 10A at 12 VDC, we offer separate 12V and 24V models for optimum performance.

The SPS-510 series use a very low switching frequency of 23KHz, just above our hearing range. This, coupled with extensive filtering, provides a balance of super clean power. This design eliminates interference problems with proximity readers and can be used wherever a linear power supply is required. The universal AC input works all over the world. The SPS-510’s become an uninterruptible power supply when a stand-by battery(s) is connected with the supplied cable. These supplies have a special power limiting circuit that allows the batteries to be float charged across the output without lock up or chirping on and off. The battery(s) is protected with an automatic resetting circuit breaker and diode for over current and accidental reversed battery hookup. Precision float charging means faster recovery time and longer life for the battery(s). There is no switch over or voltage drop when input power fails. Standby battery(s) can be any capacity between 4 and 400A hours. The SPS-5 24 VDC is rated for 4A continuous current with 1A reserved for battery charging while the SPS-10 12 VDC is rated for 8A continuous current with 2A of current for battery charging.

Power Supervision includes a battery(s) disconnect relay to prevent deep discharge and a separate power trouble alarm relay. The power trouble alarm relay output, form C contacts, can be used to signal a buzzer and/or other signaling device. Both relays are normally energized for fail-safe operation. The trouble relay has a green LED that is on when power is good. The relay will drop off of normal when the standby battery(s) reaches about 70% of capacity. This low voltage indication represents low battery and/or AC power failure. High voltage or over heated failure will also indicate power trouble.

A Service Switch (not on CE models). Switch allows the DC output to be turned off for service.

  • SPS-5 - 24 VDC - 5A – Supervised Power Supply/Charger module
  • SPS-10 - 12 VDC - 10 A – Supervised Power Supply/Charger module
  • SPS-5CE,SPS-10CE - “CE” Power Supply modules with CE mark
  • SPS-XXXXXEL - Supervised Power Supply/Charger in 14 x 14 Enclosure
  • SPS-XXXXXELC8/ELC16 - Same as above with 8 or 16 class II Outputs
  • UL listed for Access Control & Burglar Systems


  • Super Clean Linear Performance
  • Self Contained, light weight, No External Transformer
  • Universal AC Input 85-260 VAC Great Brownout operation
  • Precise Battery Regulation for all Lead Acid Batteries
  • C Models have PDM-8C 8’s class II Power Limited outputs with
  • PTC Circuit Breakers
  • LED’s Indicate:
    • AC
    • Power Good
    • DC On
  • Battery is Precisely Float Charged for Faster Charging with No Switch Over or Drop when AC fails.
  • Electronic Power Limited Short Circuit Protection
  • Reversed Battery Protection
  • Thermal Regulation Prevents Overheating
  • Battery Cutoff Relay prevents battery from deep discharge
  • Output ON/OFF Service Switch (not on CE models)
  • Power Trouble Relay & LED Indicates one of following:
    • AC Power Failed and about 70% battery is remaining
    • Output Voltage High
    • Over heated
    • All of the SPS-510 modules are UL and C-UL 603, 294, 1076
    • All of the SPS-510 power supplies in the standard large enclosure are UL and CUL Listed 603, Certified CSPIR EN55022 and FCC A
    • CE models are compliant with EN60950


  • AC Input: 3P Terminal block in high voltage barrier
    • AC input/Hz/Watts ................. 85-264vac/47-63Hz/220W
    • Universal AC input does not require any selection switching.
    • Earth ground terminal must be connected to earth ground.
  • AC LED Indicator next to AC Input ....................Org/Grn
    • AC Line Fuse Link - Inside unit for catastrophic failure. This fuse is not field replaceable. A blown fuse would be indicated by the AC LED off with AC power on.
  • DC OUTPUT: (2P Terminal block marked –DC+)
    • Nominal Output Voltage SPS-5/SPS-10 ..... 24vdc/12vdc
    • Typical Output Voltage SPS-5/SPS-10.27.3vdc/13.65vdc
    • Output Voltage SPS-5/SPS-10 .......... 27.3/13.65vdc
    • SPS-5/SPS-10 continuous Output .. 24vdc-4A/12vdc-8A
    • SPS-5ELC8 & C16 1-16 class II outputs PTC’s 720ma
    • SPS-10ELC8 & C16 class II outputs PTC’s .......... 1.5A
    • Output ripple & noise SPS-5/SPS-10 .... 50mv/25mv pp
    • Current Overload Protection ............. Electronic & PTC
    • Battery PTC Protection SPS-5/SPS-10 .............. 4A/8A
    • DC LED Indicator (Adjacent to battery connection)... Red
    • Load regulation no load to max ....................... .25%Typ
    • AC Line regulation 90-264vac ......................... .03%Typ
    • Switching Frequency .......................................... 23KHz

Supervision Characteristics:

  • Trouble Output: 3P Terminal block - annunciates AC fail, low battery, & high charge – “C” contacts .2A/120vac
  • Three position trouble terminal block is marked “NO, C, NC” are shown in the Normal, energized, no trouble condition.
  • Trouble voltage (low) SPS-5/SPS-10 ... 24.2vdc/12.1vdc
  • Low voltage equate to approximately 70% battery capacity remaining
  • Trouble voltage (high) SPS-5/SPS-10 . 28.1vdc /14.1vdc
  • High voltage would indicate problem with power supply
  • Trouble LED Indicator ................... ON Green Normal
  • Service Switch Disables power and Battery from
  • Output There is No service switch is on CE models
  • Battery disconnect trip points 24v/12v ..19.8vdc/9.9vdc
  • Battery Cutoff Relay is normally energized for fail-safe operation/li>
  • Battery Header keyed plug marked –Bat+
    • The battery charger is precision set to float charge 12V or 24V sealed, AGM or wet Lead Acid Batteries. Two
    • 12V batteries are connected in series for 24V. The amp hour capacity may be anything between 4AH and 400AH. UL evaluated with 40AH.
    • The Amp Hour recharge rate equals:
    • DC Output Amps Rating – DC load Amps +1A
    • See charge/discharge table on instructions.


  • Humidity ............................... 95% RH Non Condensing
  • Ts Storage Temperature ......................... -40oC – 85oC
  • Ot Operating Temperature Range 100% rating:
    • Ot Power module only ......................... -20 – 44oC
    • Ot with E-1414 Enclosure on wall ....... -20 – 40oC
  • Over temp inside module (DC output is reduced) .. 71oC
    • Each 3% load reduction increases Ot by ..... +1oC

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Weight - Module Only ........................................... 1.6 lbs
  • Weight - SPS-5EL16C or SPS-10EL16C .......... 13.0 lbs
  • Overall Size - Module ............ 7.40H” x 3.94”W x 2.35”D
  • Mounting holes center to center (4 holes) 3.5”H x 6.8”W
  • Enclosure (EL) Large Metal Cabinet .. 14” x 14” x 4.75”


  • EMI conducted and radiated EN5022 CISPR-22 A,
  • FCC A
  • UL 294 Access Control, UL 603 Burglar Systems, UL
  • 1076 Proprietary Burglar
  • C603-M1988 Burglar systems
  • CSA 22.2 #205 –M1983 Signal Equipment file # BP9019
  • RoHS Lead Free

Specifications are subject to change without notice