PDM-4, PDM-8, PDM-9

Standard Distribution Modules


  • PDM-4's & PDM-8's are UL Listed
  • Converts a single AC or DC Input to 4, 8, or 9 protected outputs with fuses or circuit breakers
  • 1500 Watt surge protection on all PDM-8's Input rated 22 Amps @ 32 volts AC or DC
  • All PTC circuit breaker ratings are holding current at 130oF per UL Standards
  • Main Power Green/Red LED Indicates AC, DC or Reversed DC Input on PDM-8 and PDM-9
  • Each output has a green status LED indictor
  • Main Fuse / Power Pull is standard ATO Automotive size on PDM-8 and PDM-9
  • ON / OFF Power Switch on PDM-4
  • Circuit Breaker Models with Rated Output 1.42 Amps or below are UL Class II Power Limited
  • PDM-8 & PDM-8C are  Recognized Components
  • All Input Terminal blocks and output terminal blocks on the PDM-8 module are rated 40A with a wire range of 10 – 18AWG
  • Output Terminal blocks on the PDM-4 and PDM-9 are rated 10A with wire range 16-30AWG
  • Size: PDM 4 3.75”H x 2.22”W x 1”D Mounting: 3.41”H x 1.87”W
  • Size: PDM-8 3.87”H x 4.84”W x 1”D Mounting: 3.41”H x 4.49”W
  • Size: PDM-9 2.20”H x 4.85”W x 1”D Mounting: 1.31”H “C” x 4.49”W
  • PDM-4, PDM-4C, PDM-8, PDM-8C are all UL Listed
  • PDM-9's are not UL Listed

Specifications are subject to change without notice

TFuse & PTC’s Characteristics

Some of our part numbers use the letter “D” to indicate Fuse’s and the letter “C” to indicate PTC circuit breakers.

Fuses have the benefits of tripping fast from a fault and have a memory in that the green indicator LED associated with each output will remain off until the fuse is replaced with a new one. Some will argue that a blown fuse will usually require a service call to replace the blown fuse. Typical Fuses trip within 5 seconds with a 200% overload and 4 minutes with a 100% overload.

PTC’s, Positive Temperature Coefficient fuses are auto resetting solid state devices. When the PTC heats from an overload, it switches from a short circuit to a high resistance state. After the PTC cools down the device will return to it’s low resistance normal state. If the normal load is pretty low compared to the rating, the device will auto reset by it self, other wise the load may have to be removed for up to 2 munities for the device to cool and return to its normal state.

There are a couple of more serious issues that must be considered when selecting a PTC.

  1. A voltage spike from an unprotected electric lock can damage a PTC output. Some type of voltage suppression, such as our SN-1, should be utilized at each device that can create a high voltage spike.
  2. The thermal delay of a PTC can cause a high current to flow until the faulted output is tripped. If the power supply on the input of the distribution board can not deliver the demand, the other normal outputs could see a power drop. To reduce this problem, it is recommended that you use only default “C” options listed.

The PTC current rating is to hold that current at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical trip time for a 400% overload would be about 8 seconds.


Ordering Details for Distribution Modules

PDM-4-FFF 4 Fused Outputs with power switch and status LED’s.
PDM-4C-CCC 4 PTC Circuit Breaker Outputs with power switch and status LED’s
PDM-8-MMM-FFF 8 Fused Outputs with ATO Main/power pull fuse, status LED’s and input 1500 watt surge protector.
PDM-8C-MMM-CCC 8 PTC Circuit Breaker Outputs with ATO Main/power pull fuse, status LED’s and input 1500 watt surge protector.
PDM-9-MMM-FFF 9 Fused Outputs with ATO Main/power pull fuse and status LED’s.
PDM-9-MMM-CCC 9 PTC Circuit Breaker Outputs with ATO Main/power pull fuse and status LED’s
FFF Fuse Options FFF = Fuse Rating in Amps (x.xx) standard 3agc Size: (050 = 500ma); (100 = 1A); (200 = 2A); 
(300 = 3A); (400 = 4A); (500 = 5A)
CCC Circuit Breaker Options CCC = PTC part number equaling the holding current in Amps at UL rating 50C: 
(090 = .7A); (135 = 1.04A); (160 = 1.23A);
(185 = 1.42A); (250 = 1.93A); (400 = 3.08A);
(500 = 3.85A); (600 = 4.62A)
MMM Main Fuse options MMM = Main Fuse Rating in Amps (xx.x) – Standard Automotive ATO Size:
(050 = 5A); (075 = 7.5A); (100 = 10A);
(150 = 15A); (200 = 20A); (250 = 25A); (400 = 40A)