Fire Trigger

The PDD-FT transfers the input power from the normally ON output pair “-N/ON+” too the normally OFF output pair “-N/OFF+” when triggered.  The unit is triggered when the supervised (EOL), end of line resistor is opened or shorted.  The triggered form C user contacts indicate the state of the trigger.  A typical application of the PDD-FT is to place a distribution board on one or both of the outputs, one of our power supplies on the Input, then connecting the EOL at a fire alarm panel to transfer the power from one distribution board to another when the Fire alarm panel is in the alarm condition. The transferred power would be used to unlock doors, shut down air systems, or return elevators to an exit floor.


  • Non Latching or Latching mode
  • Universal 11-29VDC Operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Normally ON & Normally OFF Output
  • Output LED’s indicate condition
  • Outputs can be Triggered with:
    1. N/O or N/C Switch with Supervised (EOL)
    2. N/C Switch with (OVR)over ride
    3. N/C Switch with AUX-IN auxiliary
    4. Ground on any trigger input when(GRN Jumper is enabled
  • Form C Contacts Indicates Trigger Status
  • 12 Amp Transfer Relay Contacts
  • UL Listed  UL & ULC 1481, 294, 603 NFPA72, & CSFM


  • Input Power “-INPUT+”: 2 Pos. Terminal block with self clamping screws will accept multiple 12awg wires – Universal input 10-29vdc. The input current is 70ma to control relays plus whatever output load is. The positive side of the power is connected to the swing arm of the transfer relay which directs the power to the proper output.
  • Output Power: 4 Pos. Terminal block Self clamping screws will accept multiple 12awg wires. “-N/ON+” are normally ON output power. This output is ON when the PDD-FT is not triggered. “-N/OFF+” is normally OFF. This output is ON when this unit is triggered. The transfer relay is rated at 15A@12v and 12A@24vdc.Power LED’s: A red led above each output indicates which ouput is ON. 
  • Input Trigger EOL: 2 Pos. Terminal block – Will accept 14-28awg wire. This input must see the 2.2K ohm end of line resistor to be in the normal set condition. A change in resistance of + or – 60% will cause the trigger relays to drop out in the Triggered mode. This change in resistance is caused by the supervised wire between the EOL at the Fire panel and the PDD-FT being shorted or opened. The EOL supervises the pair of wires.
  • Input Trigger OVR: 2 Pos. Terminal block - Will accept 14-28awg wire. This pair is normally closed, can be connected to an override switch. When OVR is open, unit will trigger.
  • Input Trigger AUX-IN: 2 Pos. Terminal block - Will accept 14-28awg wire. This pair is normally closed and can be connected to an auxiliary device. When AUX-IN is open, unit will trigger. 
  • RESET 2 Pos. Terminal block – Will accept 14-28awg wire. When this pair is shorted, input triggers do not latch. If pair is open, the input triggers will latch until alarm is corrected and RESET is momentary closed to reset trigger.
  • Jumpers RST – OVR – AUX are jumpers with handles to short adjacent terminal blocks that are not used. You may move the jumper to one header to open short to enable adjacent terminals.
  • Jumper GRN – This jumper is used to enable ground supervision in the inputs. If the jumper is connected to both headers, and the mounting hole adjacent to jumper is connected to ground with a star washer, a ground on any of the input triggers will cause a trigger.
  • Trigger Status Terminal block - Will accept 14-28awg wire. Form C Contact with a 3 Amp rating will indicate the condition of trigger. C and NO are normally open in the normal energize not triggered state. C and NC are normally closed in the normal energized not triggered state. These contacts may be used to provide feedback to the FACP or other annunciating devices.
  • The PDD-FT is available as a module or mounted in an enclosure with any of our DC Power Supplies.
  • Module dimensions .......... 2.23”W x 3.75”L x .8”H
  • Mounting holes dimensions .... 1.89” x 3.41”
  • Weight: .................... 2.2oz

Specifications are subject to change without notice