Distribution Module with Fire Trigger

DC Power Distribution with Supervised Fire Interface module Distributed Power Control Interface for Fire, Acess, HVAC, Elevator, and Security

The PDD-8PCI power distribution control interface converts a main non-power limited DC power source to 8 class II power-limited outputs that can be controlled by a (FACP) Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each output can be selectively set (J1-J8) to turn ON or to Turn OFF, Trigger disabled always ON when triggered by the panel. The FACP or other control system can interface to the PDD-8PCI with either of two or both supervised trigger inputs. One trigger is activated with a reverse polarity voltage from a FACP. This trigger is fully isolated with an optical isolator. The other trigger is an (EOL) 2.2K End Line Resister input which will accept a (N/O) Normally Open switch or a (N/C) Normally Closed switch.

When triggered, the Trigger Transfer Relay removes power from the NORM + buss and transfers it to the TRIG + buss. Jumpers J1-J8 determine which buss each output is connected to. The triggered form C contacts also drop off normal when triggered and the Red (TRG) LED turns on.  These contacts can be used to daisy chain other PDD-9ST, latch, or provide feedback to a system.

The Trouble Form C Relay drops off Normal if any one of the PTC circuit breakers is tripped, or main power/fuse is lost. The Green (TRB) LED is ON during normal operation, It goes off with trouble. All three relays are Fail-Safe, energized in the normal condition.

Each output has a Green LED that is on when the associated output is ON.Typical applications for a Fire Alarm System would include adding remote Bells and anunciators, closing dampers, turning off HVAC fans, unlocking fail secure and fail safe doors, and / or returning elevators to first floor. The installation instructions illustrate these applications.

The PDD-8PCI is available as a module or mounted in an enclosure with any of our DC Power Supplies.


  • 8 class II Power Limited Outputs with Auto-Resetting
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Each Output is Individually Selectable to Turn On, Turn Off, or always On when Triggered
  • Outputs can be triggered with:
        1.  Voltage or Reverse polarity (opto isolated)
        2.  N/O or N/C switch with supervised EOL
  • Form C Contacts (TRIGGERED) and Red LED (TRG)
  • Indicate Trigger Status
  • Form C Contacts (TROUBLE) and Green LED (TRB)
  • Indicate:
        1.  One of the output circuit breakers is tripped
        2.  Main Fuse Blown or no power on input
  • Universal 11-29VDC Operation
  • Each Output pair has a Removable Terminal Block
  • Each Output has a Green Status LED
  • Main Power has Green Status LED
  • Main Power Pull and Fuse
  • Approvals Pending: UL & ULC 1481, 294, 603 - NFPA72, CSFM & MEA


  • Input Voltage: 11–28VDC 
  • Current, Typical, with No Output Load: 90-160mA
  • Outputs 1–8 continuous duty each: 1.23A
  • Voltage Trigger: 20% < Input min. 30vdc max.
  • Voltage Trigger isolation Optical
  • EOL (End of Line) Trigger: +-50% of 2.2K ohms
  • Transfer Relay Contacts: 15A
  • Trouble Form C Contacts: 2A 120 VAC/1A 220 VAC
  • Triggered Form C Contacts: 2A 120 VAC/1A 220 VAC