** This product SKU has recently been discontinued. **

PDA - Standard Series

CCTV 24VAC Multi-Output Power Supplies

The (E) standard enclosure CCTV Power Supplies provide an economical source of centralized 24vac for installations that require 4 to 16 Amps with 8 to 16 outputs. For more power or outputs see our PDA Large Series. These central outputs can power multiple fixed cameras or pan-tilt cameras with heaters.  The table below is a list of standard (E) configurations with default fuse/PTC values. Each PDM output module has a 1500-watt surge protector to help save your cameras from lightning and power surges. The standard enclosure has twelve (12) assorted knockouts for ease of installation.


  • 4, 8 & 16 Amp Configurations
  • 8 & 16 Output Configurations using PDM-8 with Fuses or PTC Circuit Breakers  Output Modules
  • Enclosure: 9" x 14" x 3.5"D
  • Some Units are Listed for CCTV 2044
  • Main Power Status LED
  • Surge and Lightning Suppression
  • Output Status LED's for Each Output
  • Main Fuse/Power Pull with Handle
  • Transformers are UL506

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


PDA Standard Series Specification and Selection Table
  Protected Outputs Total Output Amps Output Fuses agc/Circuit Breakers Output Status LED's ATO Main Fuse Power Pull Main Power LED's Surge Protection Full Isolation Between Outputs Power Required Watts UL Listed 2044
PDA-8ET4UL 8 4A 2A/0.72A Yes 5A/7.5A Yes Yes   110W Yes
PDA-8ET4 8 4A 2A/1.5A Yes 5A/15A Yes Yes   110w  
PDA-8ET8UL 8 7.3A 2A/1.5A Yes 10A/15A Yes Yes   220W Yes
PDA-8ET8 8 8A 2A/3A Yes 10A/40A Yes Yes   220W  
PDA-8ET16 8 16A 4A/4A Yes 20A/40A Yes Yes   440W  
PDA-8ET8MWC 8 8A 1A/.72A Yes NONE No No Yes 230W  
PDA-16ET8UL 16 7.3A 2A/1.5A Yes 5A/15A Yes Yes   220W Yes
PDA-16ET8 16 8A 2A/3A Yes 7.5A/40A Yes Yes   220W  
Line Cord provided on non UL Listed Units

Add "C" to part number for PTC auto-resetting fuses
All Outputs are isolated from Primary and Ground