** This product SKU has recently been discontinued. **

PDA - Large Series

CCTV Multi-Output Power Supplies

The (EL) large enclosure CCTV Power Supplies provide an economical source of centralized 24vac for installations that require 17 Amps, or more, with up to 32 outputs.  These central outputs can power simple fixed cameras, or power multiple pan-tilt cameras with heaters.  The table below is just a partial list of some standard configurations with default fuse values.  Each PDM-8 (8 output module), has a 1500-watt surge protector to help save your cameras from lightning and power surges. The large enclosure has twelve (12) knockouts of various sizes for ease of installation.


  • 17-34 Amp Configurations
  • 8-32 Output Configurations using PDM-8  output modules
  • AGC Fuses or PTC Circuit Breakers
  • Enclosure: 14" x 14" x 4-3/4" D
  • Main Power Status LED's
  • Surge and Lightning Suppression
  • Output Status LED's for each Output
  • Main Fuse/Power Pull with Handle for Each group of 8 outputs
  • All Transformers are 506

Specifications are subject to change without notice

  Total Output Amps Output Fuses agc/Circuit Breakers Output Status LED's ATO/Main with PTC's Main Power LED's Surge Protection Power Required Watts
PDA-8ELT17 8 17A 4A/4A Yes 20A/40A Yes Yes 440W
PDA-16ELT17 16 17A 2A/3A Yes 10A/40A Yes Yes 440W
PDA-16ELT34 16 34A 4A/3A Yes 20A/40A Yes Yes 880W
PDA-32ELT17 32 17A 2A/3A Yes 10A/40A Yes Yes 440W
PDA-32ELT25 32 25A 2A/3A Yes 20A/40A Yes Yes 660W
PDA-32ELT34 32 34A 2A/3A Yes 10A/40A Yes Yes
Input: 115-230 VAC selectable - default 115 VAC. Add “C” to part number for PTC auto-resetting fuses. Line Cord with wire nuts are provided. All Outputs are isolated from Primary & Ground. Current ratings are continuous. 200% brief overloads are allowed for startup.