** The PDA product SKU has recently been discontinued. **

24 VAC and 6 24 VDC Isolated Series

CCTV Multi-Output Multi-Winding

The Isolated Multi-Winding series Power Supplies provide the convenience of powering multiple 24vac or 6 - 26vdc CCTV devices from a central location with the isolation of individual power supplies. Many board camera products have one side of the power common to the coax shield.  In an ideal installation this does not cause a problem; however an added ground in the wrong place can cause all kinds of picture problems.

Each group of four outputs utilizes a 24vac 100va transformer with four individual isolated windings. Each output can provide up to 1.2 Amps of continuous AC current. The total continuous current for each transformer should not exceed 4.1 Amps AC. Each group of 4 secondary windings of eGraphach transformer are either connected to a PDM-4I module which distributes 4, 24VAC outputs, or to four DCPM-1’s that distribute 4, 6-26VDC adjustable outputs. The transformers may be hard wired or plugged in with provided line cord and wire nuts. Each PDM-4I module is equipped with standard 1.5 Amp 3agc fuses, or class II power limited 1.2 Amp auto-resetting PTC Circuit Breakers. A green status LED adjacent to each output is ON when fuse and power are good. Each DCPM-1 has electronic current limiting and a Red Power LED. The output volts DC graph, shows the maximum continuous current for each DC output at various voltage settings. A volt meter should be used to set desired voltage before connecting devices.


  • All outputs are fully ISOLATED from each other and to the Line.
  • Mix or match AC and DC in groups of 4, 8, and 16 output configurations
  • 24vac 4.1 A total for each group of 4 outputs
  • Each DC Output is adjustable from 5-26VDC up to 1A
  • Each DC group of 4 is limited to3 Amps Total
  • 4 output enclosure: 7.6”W x 9”H x 3.5”D
  • 8 output enclosure: 14”W x 9”H x 3.5”D
  • 16 output enclosure: 14”W x 14”W x 4.75”D
  • Output Status LED’s for Each Output
  • AC outputs are available with Fuses or Auto-resetting PTC Circuit Breakers “C”
  • DC outputs and AC PTC’s are class II power limited
  • Line Cord and Wire Nuts Provided

Ordering Information (Partial List)

PDA-4EST4IMW 24VAC - 4 outputs - 4 Amps - Isolated in an 8"x9" enclosure
PDA-8ET8IMW 24VAC - 8 outputs - 8 Amps - Isolated in a 14"x9" enclosure
PDA-16ELT16IMW 24VAC - 16 outputs - 16 Amps - Isolated in a 14"x14" enclosure
PDD-4EST3MW 5-26VDC - 4 Outputs each adjustable - 3A - Isolated in an 8"x9" enclosure
PDD-8ET6MW 5-26VDC - 8 Outputs each adjustable - 6A - Isolated in a 14"x9" enclosure
PDD-16ELT12MW 5-26VDC - 16 Outputs each adjustable - 12A - Isolated in a 14"x14" enclosure
PAD-8ET7MW AC DC 8 Outputs - 4 24VAC & 4 6-26VDC adjustable - 7Amp - Isolated in a 14"x9" enclosure