Spike and Noise Suppressor

The SN-1 is a bi-directional Spike and Noise Suppressor.  Spike and Noise protection are both important for protecting sensitive electronics.  Voltage spikes can damage electronics, while the RFI Noise can cause electronic controls to malfunction.  The bi-directional feature allows the SN-1 to be used for both AC or DC without the worry of the correct polarity.  Fig 2 shows how the SN-1 protects against lightning strikes by connecting the SN-1 between the control input you are protecting and Ground.  Due to the high frequency noise filter inside, it is not recommended for lightning protection on data transmission lines or other high frequency applications.


  • Low Voltage Spike Protection Suppresses a 1500 Watt Surge.
  • Noise Protection Filters High Frequency
  • Interference That Can Disrupt Control Panels
  • BI Directional Suppressor Operates on 12 or 24
  • Volts AC or DC Allowing Simple Hook-up With
  • No Polarity to Worry About
  • Works Great for Lightning Protection
  • Small Size
  • RoHS Lead Free


  • Working Voltage  .....  0-28V AC/DC
  • Clamping Voltage  ......      56Vpp
  • Suppression Wattage ......    1500W
  • Size (Typical).......  .4”D x 1.6”L
  • High frequency noise filter .. Yes 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.