Power Watch Module

12/24 VDC Battery Supervision Module

The PW-1 adds battery supervision to almost any control panel or battery charging circuit that uses sealed or wet 12V or 24V lead acid battery(s). The PW-1 monitors the battery voltage to alarm if the voltage is low or high. The PW-1 also switches the battery off line when battery voltage reaches is service limit.


  1. Mount the PW-1 near the stand by battery(s) with stand offs, or on the battery with the pre-attached double-sided tape.
  2. Be sure voltage jumper on the PW-1 is set match your 12V or 24V charging system.
  3. Remove slip on connectors from battery(s) and push on PW-1 module. Observe polarity.
  4. Attached provided battery cable on the PW-1 to the battery(s).
  5. Connect trouble contacts to annunciate trouble. "NO" is normally open when power is normal. "C" is common. "NC" is Normally Closed when power is normal.


By simply plugging the PW-1 in line with the battery connectors adds the following features:

  • 17-34 Amp Configurations
  • 8-32 Output Configurations using PDM-8 (UL LOGO) output modules
  • AGC Fuses or PTC Circuit Breakers
  • Enclosure: 14" x 14" x 4-3/4" D
  • Main Power Status LED's
  • Surge and Lightning Suppression
  • Output Status LED's for each Output
  • Main Fuse/Power Pull with Handle for Each group of 8 outputs
  • All Transformers are 506


  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range -30oF to 130oF 
  • Storage Temperature -60oF to 190oF
  • Battery Cutoff Voltage 12v/24v 9.8 VDC/19.6 VDC
  • Battery Relay contacts - load and charge max 20A
  • Battery Cutoff Relay is normally energized for fail-safe operation
  • Power Trouble, low battery - AC fail 12v/24v 12.1 VDC/24.2 VDC
  • Power Trouble, high voltage 12v/24v 14.0 VDC/28.0 VDC
  • Trouble Contacts form C 2A/120 VAC/1A 240 VAC resistive
  • 3p Terminal block marked "NO C NC Trouble"
  • Trouble Contacts markings NO, C, and NC are shown Normal, no alarm condition. Relay is normally energized for fail-safe operation.
  • Power Trouble LED Indicator On Green Normal
  • Current Draw power on both relay energized 45ma
  • Overall Size Module 2.42H" x 2.36"W x 1"D
  • Mounting Holes Center to Center (4 holes) 2.06"H x 2.00"W

Specifications are subject to Change without notice.